Ambil - what is it?

Ambil is a unique paste made of sacred plants that grow in the Amazon. It is a product that comes in the form of a paste or liquid essence. The indigenous tribes of South America use Ambil by combining it with mineral salts obtained from unique exotic plants. The taste and texture of Ambil may vary depending on the ingredients, season, air humidity and weather. Due to these variable features, true uniqueness distinguishes this product from other sacred medicine.

Regardless of the form of Ambil, paste or liquid taken with the little finger. Ceremonial consumption is to support the healing effect of this product, as well as intensify the cleansing of the body. Ambil also works as an addition to superfoods, because it supports their health-promoting effect.

Ambil - how to apply?

Sacred medicine in the form of Ambil has been extremely popular among the indigenous people of the Amazon for hundreds of years. Local tribes use mineral salts to improve the energetic effect of superfoods. In a spiritual context, Ambil purifies the soul, facilitates contact with non-material forces, and also allows you to connect with universal thoughts.

Traditionally, Ambil is used with the little finger, scooping up a small amount of the product. South American shamans say that in this way they can sharpen their perceptions. They also believe that the ceremonial use of sacred plant paste contributes to the purification of the mind and leads to golden thinking. In this way, the brain is able to work better and more efficiently, and to discover higher states of consciousness.


Advantages of using Ambil

Ambil is able to align all chakras, while strengthening the body energetically and emotionally. The use of this sacred medicine contributes to new spiritual experiences and encourages insightful and positive conversation. As shamans did in the past, we are encouraged to devote ourselves to integration with the environment while using Ambil.

Clearing the mind and sharpening perception are the main advantages of using Ambil toothpaste. The effect of adopting sacred medicine is also supporting the processes of thinking and even an optimistic outlook on the world around us. In combination with special ingredients and herbs, as well as a superfood, this product additionally gains in value. It is definitely worth trying its properties because it is a substance that is second to none in the world.

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