Ambil paste Wildream™

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Ambil paste Wildream ™

Research product. Ethnobotanical and historical sample.

Ambil paste extract in the form of a paste.

Available quantities: 30g / 2x30g / 3x30g / 4x30g.

Ambil paste Wildream ™ paste is an extract of sacred plants that is a historical and ethnobiological sample for scientific research. The paste is obtained by obtaining and combining natural mineral salts that occur in plants. The indigenous tribes of the Amazon use this product as a sacred medicine that is of great importance in ceremonies and rituals. Ambil paste Wildream ™ is made from plants and ashes that have a strong cleansing and grounding effect. First of all, you should pay attention to the ashes of the tsunu plant. Thanks to it, this mixture is aimed at spiritual reset and cleansing yourself of bad energy.

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What is Ambil paste Wildream ™?

Ambil paste Wildream ™ is a unique paste, created in the dazzlingly natural areas of the Amazon. The tribes inhabiting this territory use the extract of sacred plants, among them it is worth paying attention to the tsunu plant. The action of its ashes is very clear and intense, and is related to the mind and soul. The tsunu that occurs in Ambil gives a better grounding and cleansing, and as a result improves the mental condition.

Thanks to its unique blend, Ambil is the perfect means to stimulate awareness. It is also worth emphasizing that it strengthens the flow of energy throughout the body. He can also clear negative emotions and act on positive thoughts. When using other sacred plants, Ambil supports the person's maintenance in their body. Here you will find Ambil paste Wildream ™ in paste form, but we also have this product in liquid form.


What else is worth knowing about Ambil?

The valuable properties of Ambil paste Wildream ™ are mainly its grounding and cleansing features, which are worth paying attention to. What's more, this mixture neutralizes negative emotions, which makes you feel uplifted and support optimism. It is for this purpose that the ash of the tsunu plant is included in the composition. Ambil paste Wildream ™ is a unique blend, appreciated by healers and shamans also in the context of supporting higher states of consciousness or increasing perception.

We offer this natural product for its historical as well as ethnographic value. We provide it without any expressed or implied fitness for a particular purpose. It is simply a raw botanical specimen or a scientific sample. The information provided is intended solely for historical, scientific and educational purposes. Nor should they be construed as a recommendation for a specific application. The use and application of our product is in the decision, responsibility and risk of the customer. Product not for human consumption.

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