BIO Ceremonial Cocoa Africalove™

BIO Ceremonial Cocoa Africalove™

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BIO Ceremonial Cocoa Africalove ™

COO (Country of Origin): GHANA

100% organic, raw, BIO, no GMO, no dyes, no preservatives, no gluten. Suitable for vegans.

Store in a dry and dark place.

BIO Ceremonial Cocoa Africalove ™ from Ghana is beneficial not only on the physical but also on the spiritual level. One cannot forget about its pro-health features. Raw cocoa paste is a very rich source of unique minerals and vitamins. First of all, it is worth mentioning magnesium, calcium and iron. These micronutrients are essential for the proper functioning of the body, and our daily diet usually supplies too little of them. Therefore, it is not worth hesitating and buying ceremonial cocoa today to introduce it into your diet.

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BIO Ceremonial Cocoa Africalove ™

COO (Country of Origin): GHANA

100% organic, raw, BIO, no GMO, no dyes, no preservatives, no gluten. Suitable for vegans.

Store in a dry and dark place.

BIO Ceremonial Cocoa Africalove ™ - why is it worth it?

BIO Ceremonial Cocoa Africalove ™ from Ghana is a sensational product for everyday consumption. It can be used during meditation and other rituals, or simply as a replacement for coffee. Ceremonial cocoa has many unique properties that support the brain and the whole body to work better. Moreover, cocoa also contributes to stimulating the mind for personal development.

Ghanaian ceremonial cocoa has a number of important antioxidants that inhibit cell aging. It is also worth emphasizing that the product effectively supports circulation, and thus supports the energy flow in the body. Cocoa consumed regularly can have a calming effect, while improving concentration and gently stimulating to action.

BIO Ceremonial Cocoa Africalove ™ from Ghana is also a unique antidepressant, so it is worth using it after a long and difficult day. Its consumption brings relaxation as well as getting rid of negative emotions and thoughts. Cocoa opens awareness to new sensations. As a result, the mind works more efficiently, which is why cocoa is gaining popularity among people who use meditation and cleansing rituals.

We have known the beneficial properties of cocoa for a long time. Hundreds, thousands of years ago, the ancient Mayans and Aztecs regularly consumed cocoa to reunite with their gods. Even today, the indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica and the Amazon regard the cocoa tree and its beans as a sacred plant. The drink that we get thanks to cocoa paste is still as popular as it was years ago.


Advantages of BIO Ceremonial Cocoa Africalove ™

It reactivates the primal calm and also helps to relax.

It allows you to free yourself from blockages and reject negative emotions.

· Has a cleansing effect in the energy sense.

Supports creativity and stimulates the imagination to work.

It enables you to achieve a state of unconditional love and forgiveness.

Supports the state of meditation as well as allows you to focus better.


Ceremonial cocoa and ordinary cocoa - differences and similarities

Powdered cocoa, which we associate on the shelves of our grocery stores, is often a product that has been processed many times. You can often find products that are full of "boosters" in the form of artificial additives. Unfortunately, this kills the beneficial properties and qualities of cocoa. Such a product can never be of full value.

Fortunately, ceremonial cocoa comes in handy. This type of cocoa paste is a 100% natural, ecological and biological product. The cocoa beans are carefully and hand selected, and most of all they come from organic farming. Such ceremonial cocoa has no preservatives and dyes, and no GMOs are used in its production. Thanks to this, we can enjoy all the benefits of healthy cocoa

Mixing cocoa paste with vegetable milk or water results in a denser, fatter and more expressive product. The taste of ceremonial cocoa is more specific, deep and multi-layered. It works on the taste buds in several stages, slowly releasing its best qualities. No wonder that each consumption of ceremonial cocoa is remembered for a long time, because it is a unique drink without the slightest shadow of a doubt.

Who is BIO Ceremonial Cocoa Africalove ™ for?

BIO Ceremonial Cocoa Africalove ™ from Ghana is a product distinguished by many valuable properties. Drinking ceremonial cocoa balances circulation, which is influenced by the flavonols it contains. These organic compounds also improve memory. Therefore, every person who has problems with remembering and concentrating should start drinking cocoa regularly.

It doesn't stop there, because Ghanaian ceremonial cocoa is packed with iron, calcium, magnesium, copper and even protein. Usually, our daily diet contains only trace amounts of these ingredients, which is why their supplementation is extremely important. Nutritious and healthy ceremonial cocoa provides the right level of these microelements ..

It should also be remembered that ceremonial cocoa from Ghana also has a positive effect on our mind and mood. The negative emotions and feelings we deal with on a daily basis will be taken away by a cup of cocoa. This delicious product can influence inner peace and achieve harmony and emotional balance.

We will also emphasize that ceremonial cocoa is not only about taste, but mainly for a number of health-promoting properties. People who consume cocoa regularly enjoy better physical and spiritual health. The balance between these two worlds gives us extraordinary power that helps us make the right decisions in life. Ghanaian ceremonial cocoa is not only a perfect drink for winter evenings. It can be successfully used as a replacement for morning coffee, as it gradually releases a positive dose of energy throughout the day.

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