In distant South America, for thousands of years the indigenous peoples have been looking for ways to contact the deities. The spiritual and psychological spheres are of great importance to them, which translates into frequent placing of worldly matters in the hands of higher powers. The Indians who live in the Amazon region achieve a better connection with the gods thanks to sacred plants from which they obtain unusual substances. Among them, it is worth mentioning Ambil - produced both in the form of a liquid and a jelly-like paste. Let's take a closer look at this mystical specificity.

What is Ambil?

Ambil is the sacred medicine of the Amazon Indians, the composition of which combines plant extracts. The original substance of this type may contain not only extracts from fresh leaves and roots, but also ashes. The most important element of Ambil, regardless of its final composition and form, are mineral salts.

Typically, a plant-based diet is rich in these beneficial nutrients, but Ambil is even more unique. They come from plants that tribal shamans consider sacred, guarding access to secret knowledge about them.

Ambil extract is one of the many forms of consuming plants that can be viewed as sacred medicine. Traditionally, indigenous peoples consume them in various ways: orally, through the respiratory tract, transdermally, chewing, drinking infusions, in powdered form, and finally by inhaling smoke. In the case of Ambil, it is primarily oral, in the form of a liquid or in the form of a paste.

The production of a real Ambil is an ancient art that has survived to this day mainly thanks to word of mouth. South American Indian shamans manufacture this product to meet their inner spiritual needs. As the original production process is kept secret, texture and flavor may vary from time to time. They usually depend on weather conditions, as well as the time of harvesting plants and the method of obtaining extracts.


What is the traditional use of Ambil?

The indigenous peoples of the Amazon very often and willingly use Ambil. They place it in the mouth, most often directly on the tongue. First they take a small amount of it with a spatula or nail, and then gently insert it between the lip and gums. Traditional usage is not to swallow the extract, but to let it dissolve at its own pace. Nature itself will adapt to the needs arising from the ceremonial ingestion of this sacred medicine.

At this point, the question arises - why use Ambil at all? Well, researchers agree that this remedy is of great importance to South American shamans. They use this substance most often as part of the ceremonial use of Hapé or in other ceremonies.

Ambil is designed to enhance the experience of various rituals. Usually it is grounding, cleansing, and facilitates the flow of positive thoughts. Moreover, this measure opens the chakras and at the same time facilitates connection with the deities.

It is not surprising that this remedy is so popular with South American Indians. Although it should be emphasized that the distribution of this sacred medicine is somewhat limited. Europeans got to know Ambil relatively recently.

Currently, this product is sold for its ethnographic and historical value. Consequently, it is intended for scientific research as a sample without any purported or expressed fitness for a particular purpose. Commercially available ambil should be treated as either a raw botanical specimen or a scientific specimen.

Does Ambil have any unique properties and benefits?

In the South American tradition, Ambil is a sacred plant and medicine that allows man to cleanse and ground his body. The healing properties of this substance are associated with the unlocking of the chakras as well as opening the mind to new and better sensations. Plant extract in the form of a liquid or paste is a specific representative of healthy and optimistic thoughts. At the same time, it can positively influence creativity and creative thinking, which supports the experience of shamans during their rituals.

The indigenous people of the Amazon claim that Ambil is able to clear the mind and sharpen perception and perception. Step by step, this measure guides the user to so-called golden thinking, helping to unblock the third eye chakra. Purified and improved thinking leads to the achievement of clarity of mind, while improving the processes taking place in the brain.

As a sacred medicine, Ambil focuses primarily on human spirituality. It can be considered an agent used in alternative and alternative medicine. It is not on any list of official, approved, and certified medications. However, it has enjoyed unchanging popularity for hundreds of years among the indigenous peoples of South America.

The Indians living in the Amazon basin use the Ambil to get rid of negative thoughts, heal anxiety and depression. It is also said that this unique plant extract can have antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It often appears in the literature as a representative of the universal power of masculinity, which is why it is also used in the treatment of wounds.

As you can see, the traditional use of Ambil liquid or paste is very broad. This extract occupies a very important place among the sacred plants of the indigenous peoples of South America. Awakening awareness, improving the flow of thoughts, grounding and unblocking the chakras are just a few of the most important benefits of this product. No wonder the Indians are so eager to reach for it.

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