The effect of ceremonial cocoa covers the physical and mental spheres, so you cannot forget about its health properties. Consuming cocoa at regular intervals is healthy. In practice, this means that it improves concentration, calms and gently stimulates. Cocoa comes as a raw paste that is rich in antioxidants and improves the energy flow in the body by stimulating the circulation. There are also minerals and vitamins such as iron, magnesium, and calcium in ceremonial cocoa. Let's take a closer look at the greatest benefits of consuming this miracle product.

What are the benefits of celebrating ceremonial cocoa?

Ceremonial cocoa is an ideal means by which we can introduce the ritual of contact with ourselves into our daily lives. The greatest benefit of drinking cocoa is to create a favorable environment during consumption to look inside yourself. Thanks to it, we get a chance to explore our inner world, which becomes more interesting each time.

Regular consumption of ceremonial cocoa also has other properties, such as:

Rebuilding the meditation process,

Stimulating creativity,

Help in restoring a state of unconditional love and forgiveness,

 Purifying action in the energy sphere,

Restoring natural peace,

Support in freeing yourself from blockages and dissolving negative emotions.


Ceremonial cocoa and the spiritual space

Mother Earth has left many gifts to mankind. She hid in plants and minerals everything that is necessary for a human being for physical and spiritual development. It is in these gifts that there are valuable properties that nourish the soul and nourish the body. Due to its unique composition, ceremonial cocoa affects both of these aspects. In a spiritual sense, the qualities of ceremonial cocoa affect the space of the heart. It is worth taking care of because it is a generator of pure love energy. Unlocking this zone turns it into an infallible compass in the form of intuition. In this space there are answers to questions that we often ask ourselves. There is also the purest truth about ourselves and about who we are. The field of the heart is often blocked by various traumas and loads, so it is worth doing something to clean it. Thanks to this, we will be able to use the full remuneration with which we come into the world.

Ceremonial consumption of cocoa

Note the meaning of the word "ceremony" to fully understand the qualities of ceremonial cocoa in a spiritual context. This word denotes a ritual in which specific, closely related activities should be performed. In this way, they bring an actual and specific effect. Therefore, the cocoa ceremony involves not only the act of consuming the full flavor of the drink, but also the attitude, intentions and perceptions that emerge during the ceremony. These intentions support the senses and the properties of ceremonial cocoa, which clearly intensifies the process of creation.


What does the cocoa ceremony look like?

The cocoa ceremony can be performed alone or in a group. This means that the ceremony can be performed whenever we feel the need to do so. Consuming ceremonial cocoa on a regular basis has health and spiritual benefits. So there are no contraindications to make the ceremony your own, unique and delicious ritual of filling the space of the heart with peace.

This ritual can be freely combined with being in nature, listening to relaxing music, and especially with meditation. A drink made with cocoa paste will also be perfect for helping you create your own intentions and affirmations.

Ceremonial and regular cocoa

Store cocoa powder is usually heavily processed and often comes with various types of additives. The very issue of processing the beans makes their nutritional value disappear, which cocoa has a lot of. How can we enjoy the intense taste sensations and take full advantage of all the properties that a given plant offers? In this case, it is worth choosing products that are not processed at all or their processing is limited only to the necessary processes.

Ceremonial cocoa from Peru, Ecuador and Ghana is an organic product, raw and without additives. It comes mainly from small family plantations, thanks to which it retains its valuable health and taste properties. It has many more nutrients, and the taste qualities are deeper and more expressive than in the case of store cocoa.

How to make ceremonial cocoa?

The real and original ceremonial cocoa has a solid form that resembles dark chocolate cubes. It does not change the fact that the product dissolves very well in both water and plant milk. Remember to cool the liquid a little before combining it with the cocoa paste so as not to lose the valuable properties of the product. Cocoa drink has a very intense color and taste, so you can sweeten it, preferably with natural sweeteners.


What should you remember when organizing a cocoa ceremony at home?

To take full advantage of all the benefits of real cocoa, creating an accessible space for the ceremony is key. For this purpose, it is worth finding a quiet place where you can easily meditate, create affirmations or listen to music. The entire ceremony should also be in accordance with your own preferences. Giving ourselves over to the soothing taste of the drink will reinforce what we focus on.

In order to feel the effects of drinking cocoa better, it is worth introducing it to your everyday life and making it your own ritual. Even taking time to yourself is important, especially when working with the heart field. What else is an essential part of the ritual? A sense of gratitude to Mother Earth, as well as people thanks to whom we can celebrate the ceremonial cocoa and enjoy its taste.

It is also worth taking care of the right mood. Incense, natural world and relaxing music can have a good impact on the entire process of building and finding a relationship with your own "I" as part of the universe. It is not about consumerism, but about achieving higher spiritual states, as well as a real celebration of seemingly trivial cocoa drinking.

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