For thousands of years, man has been looking for a unique and mythical substance that could solve all problems and ills. History and literature know of a number of instances where explorers announced the discovery of miraculous substances. In antiquity and the Middle Ages, biblical manna was found to be unique. Later, alchemists sacrificed their health and life to find a mysterious philosopher's stone. We now know that the substance that we know as Ormus may be the closest to the truth.


What is Ormus?

The world of scientific medicine is often a very complicated and mysterious sphere of human activity. In recent years, a unique and one-of-a-kind product has appeared on the market, which quickly gained popularity in the alternative medicine community. We are talking about the substance Ormus, which has appeared in the world under various names for hundreds of years. Literature gives names such as manna, white gold, food of the gods, and philosopher's stone. Even today, some call it a scientific miracle, while others consider it a complete hoax.

We calm down - Ormus is a unique and one-of-a-kind agent.

As for the chemical side of this substance, Ormus is a set of precious metals (gold, platinum, iridium, etc.) that occur in an atypical state of matter. These metals do not form any bonds or crystals. They function separately as independent single atoms. Hence, Ormus is often referred to as monoatomic gold.

At the same time, from a spiritual point of view, this substance can be the building block of all souls, a kind of life essence. Monoatomic elements can form the basis of all living organisms in the world. Although the ones obtained for Ormus come from places of immaculate cleanliness.

Ormus, ORME - what are they eating with?

Ormus is often called ORME. This abbreviation in English stands for Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements. They are atoms of extremely rare elements, mainly noble metals. These include, among others, gold, palladium and iridium - with the difference that they are all monoatomic.

ORME elements, when heated, tend to rapidly change their mass. For example, when this substance is used in soil fertilization, water retention increases, which is related to the increase in ORME mass. These elements also contribute to a better conductivity of charges without losing energy along the way.

The monoatomic form in conventional science only applies to noble gases. So is this something special here that chemists refuse to admit? Is Ormus really the ancient food of the gods, the philosopher's stone, the biblical manna from heaven?

We cannot be sure of this. However, we know one thing - the use of Ormus can have a beneficial and salutary effect on the human body and soul.

The elixir of the gods and its greatest advantages

Ormus and monatomic gold researchers attribute a number of great benefits to it that are unique in conventional medicine. The benefits of Ormus are countless, and this substance has an extremely positive effect on both the body and the spirit.

As with many substances, Ormus also has a wide variety of genera and species. The composition of its individual types may differ from each other, and thus affect us in a different way. The most important thing is to find the right monatomic elements for ourselves that will improve our physical and mental condition.

The crowning advantage of Ormus is the strengthening of the immune system, which helps in the fight against many existing diseases. Moreover, this system prevents you from contracting new diseases. Consequently, Ormus can be said to help ensure overall good health and a better quality of life.

The application of monoatomic gold very quickly restores the proper metabolism, which is confirmed by scientific research. The use of Ormus keeps the body functions in check, supporting the proper functioning of individual organs. Moreover, this measure contributes to increased motivation, energy and focus. This measure can provide the right amount of essential nutrients needed by the body. As a dietary supplement, it will help you stay strong and work longer without getting tired.

Ingestion of Ormus causes a continuous flow of fine loads throughout the body. These charges act on the entire nervous system by acting as a catalyst. The signaling of neurons in the body improves due to the ability of monoatomic metal elements to superconduct. As a result, the ORME application brings a significant increase in physical energy, endurance and focus.

Storage of Ormus

In order to enjoy the beneficial properties of ORME elements for longer, the specificity should be kept in a cool place. Preferably refrigerated, although it is recommended to put Ormus in an aluminum bag beforehand. It prevents electromagnetic waves from penetrating inside, which can harm the substance.


Ormusu application

It is generally accepted that Ormus should be taken by mixing with water. It is good to start with smaller doses to undergo a kind of trial period. In the first week, it is worth giving no more than 5 drops. Let our body get used to these crazy monatomic elements. Only after a few days can the ORME supply be gradually increased until the number of drops per day is reached. This is the optimal dose that causes other dietary supplements to be set aside.

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