Ceremonial cocoa


Ceremonial cocoa - health properties

Ceremonial cocoa has a very wide range of uses. Its action covers not only the physical sphere, but also the mental one. Thanks to it, you can forget about many health ailments. The beneficial properties of ceremonial cocoa make our body and mind healthier and more fortified. It is worth consuming ceremonial cocoa at regular intervals, which will result in a health-promoting effect. This product has many advantages, including it improves concentration, calms and gently stimulates. Ceremonial cocoa comes in the form of a raw paste that is rich in antioxidants. The drink prepared from it improves the flow of energy in the body by stimulating blood circulation. Ceremonial cocoa also contains a number of the most important minerals and vitamins. Among them, it is worth highlighting the high concentration of iron, magnesium and calcium.


Ceremonial cocoa - what are the benefits of celebrating it?

Ceremonial cocoa is an ideal means by which we can introduce into our everyday life the ritual of contact with ourselves. The greatest benefit of drinking cocoa is to create a favorable environment during consumption to look inside yourself. Thanks to the mute, we can explore our personal inner world, which becomes even more interesting with each knowledge. Drinking cocoa has a beneficial effect on our body because it supports it with many key micronutrients. Consuming ceremonial cocoa systematically has many benefits, including:

-Rebuilds natural peace,

-Supports the process of freeing yourself from blockages and repels negative emotions,

-Cleanses the body energetically,

-Supports and develops creativity,

-Helps to revive the state of absolute love and forgiveness,

-Stimulates the secretion of endorphins and dopamine, which helps to achieve euphoria,

-Strengthens the feeling of pleasure, including sexual pleasure,

-Supports the state of meditation.

Ceremonial cocoa - usage

It should be emphasized that the original ceremonial cocoa is in the form of a solid, resembling dark chocolate cubes. It is a type of cocoa strip which is distinguished by very good solubility. Cocoa tastes great when served with plant-based milk. Although water can also be used for this purpose. It is worth remembering to cool the liquid a little beforehand so as not to add cocoa paste to the boiling water. Thanks to this, we provide ourselves with access to the fully beneficial minerals of the cocoa plant. The cocoa drink obtained can be sweetened according to individual needs. It is best to use natural sweeteners such as xylitol or agave, date or maple syrup.

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