Ormus - what is it?

The specificity we know today as Ormus has appeared in literature and culture for thousands of years. It is true that he appeared in oral and written communications under various names. Some said it was the Potion of the Gods, others looked for a mysterious philosopher's stone in it. Scientists now agree that Ormus - or monoatomic gold - is a unique substance that has been the target of prospectors for centuries.

Ormus owes its name to ORME (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements), i.e. orbital rearranged monoatomic elements. In practice, it is a substance that is obtained from extremely valuable and hard-to-reach precious metals. The end result of the alchemical process is obtaining the beneficial properties of these elements. Ormus has an exceptional influence on both the soul and the body.


Ormus - how to apply?

It is worth starting to get to know Ormus more closely with small doses to gradually increase them as you gain experience. Monoatomic elements are so unique that our body has to get used to them. So at the beginning, 1 to 5 drops per day is enough. After a few days, and sometimes even after a week, the dose can be increased to a maximum of 10 drops a day.

It is important to store Ormus in the refrigerator in a specially designed aluminum bag. This way of holding Ormus allows it to retain its beneficial properties for longer. Regular application of monoatomic gold is one of the best examples that sacred medicine has a positive effect on people.

Advantages of using Ormus

Ormus has many advantages that may vary slightly depending on the particular type of monoatomic gold. First of all, this specificity allows you to increase concentration as well as support memory and better thinking. Step by step, Ormus improves key brain functions until the user achieves hemispheric balance.

Working with Ormus allows you to cleanse and nourish the body, supplementing the deficiencies of the most important micronutrients. Monoatomic gold also has a salutary effect on the human soul, freeing us from all worries and negative emotions. This substance is extremely valuable if we want to cut off from bad energy and create a warm and positive aura around us.

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