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Ormus - known as the elixir of the gods. It is a very unique alkaline substance with the characteristics of a mineral supplement. An unusual product used to combat various health ailments. Ormus is rich in so-called m-matter, which is a mysterious component of the universe. These are naturally existing particles that cannot be examined individually by the human eye. They have orbital rearrangement of atomic particles, also known as ORME. M-matter is found in ocean and sea salt, many plants, and fertile soils.

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Ormus Purifying ™ is focused on working with the physical body. A vacuum cleaner that cleans our body.

Purifying helps to cleanse the cellular memory of the burden.

Repairs, repairs and transforms damaged DNA.

Ormus Purifying ™ has calming and stabilizing properties for the body and mind.

Cleans and strengthens the kidneys and adrenal glands.

In addition, it warms the kidneys and supports their proper functioning.

It balances the body energetically.

It supports women after childbirth, during menstruation and soothes PMS.

  Our Ormus should be stored in an aluminum bag where it will be shipped.
It serves as EMF (electromagnetic field) protection. Ormus is very sensitive to these influences.

In the first days, we do not recommend to exceed 1-5 drops added to a glass of water.
Later, you can increase the amount to 10 drops.

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