Sananga - what is it?

Sanaga eye drops are sacred medicine of the South American Indians, which is usually obtained from the Tabernaemontana undulata plant. The plant's root extract in liquid form is administered in the form of eye drops. For centuries, they have helped the indigenous peoples of the Amazon see better, especially at night. Moreover, Sananga is believed to be able to strengthen a person's contact with the spiritual world. South African tribes also use Sananga eye drops as a medicine against cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases. Sananga's sacred medicine is eye drops that work on both the body and mind.


Sananga - how to apply?

Before using Sananga eye drops, you should relax your body and mind while focusing on the present moment. It is worth trying to forget about the hardships of everyday life, separate yourself from any blockages and bad powers. When using Sananga, we should have good intentions, so it's best to think deeply about the specific purpose for which we use the drops. You should give one drop to each eye, and then blink a few times so that the medicine covers the entire surface of the eyeball. Usually, during the first contact with the eye drops, it is accompanied by irritation, stinging, burning in the eye. The unpleasant effects disappear after a few minutes, and breathing exercises help to cope with the pain.

Advantages of using Sananga

Sananga are eye drops that you can apply yourself or ask someone else for help. The best results of using Sanangi are felt in a lying or reclining position, while being fully relaxed. The benefits of Sananga are invaluable, and the indigenous peoples of the Amazon still use them in many ways to this day. They believe that eye drops can help fight many eye diseases. In a spiritual sense, shamans often use Sananga before rituals, which allows them to open the third eye chakra. Usually, Sananga eye drops are used to sharpen eyesight as well as obtain better vision in the dark. It can also be helpful during meditation by opening your mind to new sensations.

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