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Sananga EaglEye ™


What is Sananga EaglEye ™?

Sananga EaglEye ™ are eye drops that are made by members of the South American Kuntanawa tribe. This product is a unique and one of a kind sacred medicine of the Amazon Indians. It has a positive effect on the organ of vision, and has been known among the indigenous peoples of South America for hundreds of years. Sananga eye drops are especially appreciated by Amazon hunters who use them to sharpen their eyesight. The droplets make shapes sharper, the field of view wider, and dark objects clearer. Sananga eye drops are also a popular product among Native American shamans who use them before various rituals.

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Kuntanawa tribe - who are the founders of Sananga?

The members of the Kuntanawa tribe refer to themselves as "coconut people". They have always used sacred plants to connect with the spiritual world and beings in the thickets of Amazonian forests. In this way, the Kuntanawa learned how to aid in the treatment of various diseases of the body and mind. The tribe inhabits the lands along the Tejo River in the Acre region reserve, which is located in Brazil. According to the latest research, there are only fewer than 300 tribe members who are struggling to regain their native territory. In order to survive, members of the Kuntanawa communicate with other tribes by organizing festivals of their cultures together. The legal status of ethnic groups in Brazil means that Kuntanawa, like other natives, are threatened with extinction. That is why it is so important to support their ethnic identity, for example by purchasing Sananga eye drops.

Sananga EaglEye ™ - use and benefits

Sananga EaglEye ™ eye drops can be applied independently or with the participation of another person. It is important to properly prepare for the ritual, which is made possible by relaxation and calming down. It is best to apply Sananga eye drops in the supine position, instilling one drop into each eye. For about 15 minutes, an unpleasant burning effect may appear on the eyeball, but it wears off. Sananga's advantages are related to the improvement of visual acuity, although it can also be a support in the fight against eye diseases. It is believed that it is an effective way to inhibit the development of glaucoma, cataracts and several other problems.

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